Just finished the first day of the joint Diamond-ISIS workshop on Electronic Properties of Modern Materials at the Diamond Light Source, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. We kicked off to a very good start with excellent talks by Gerrit van der Laan (who pointed out that the first modern material was described by Thalus of Miletus in the 6th Centruy BC: magnetite – still giving unexplained results today!), followed by Matt Rosseinsky, Alessandro Bombardi, Laurent Chapon, Nicola Spaldin, Steve Collins, and Philippe Ghosez who all talked under the heading of multiferroics: from how to make them work at room temperature to the relationship between the behaviour of magnetoelectrics and “hidden” monopolar ordering. Monopoles and other topological objects where also the subjects of the last session with Stephen Lovesey, Claudio Castelnovo and Sean Giblin – both as features of the ground state of magnetic systems (including the cuprates!) and as excitations of frustrated magnets.


In the photograph, Spaldin introduces “monopolization”, “toroidization” and “quadrupolization”.


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